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"Experience Nature's Bliss With Coorg Camping Jollyboys!"

Welcome to the Jollyboys Campsite in Coorg

Jollyboys is a campground located in the beautiful mountains in Coorg surrounded with lush green forest. Stay in our tents in the Jollyboys base camp and prepare yourself for an amazing trek through the valleys of Coorg. Apart from camping with tents, Hiking, nature trails, jungle walk, waterfalls trails, jeep trails etc are unique activities that will enable you to explore the untamed natural expanse of Coorg right from our camp. The evening becomes more pleasant as we light up the campfire.  


Beautiful Scenic Setting

The camp is located in mountain valley surrounded by jungle. The camp is setup without causing any disturbance to the existing natural beauty. Moreover, the camp is far away from all types of human disturbances.   


God Centered Atmosphere

The surrounding ecological belt consists of hiking ranges, scenic landscapes, untamed jungle, waterfalls, water streams etc. Undoubtedly, it is an ideal location for photography.


Action-Packed Activities

We assure you the best camping experience in Coorg. Activities such as tent camping, trekking, jungle walk, nature trails, waterfalls trails etc at Jollyboys Camping in Coorg will surely be an experience of lifetime.  



Choose Bell tents to stay in camp and experience an unique glamping vibe 


Rock Trails

Trail through the water stream and jungle rocks 


Camp by the Foothill

Enjoy the view of the valley right from the hillock

Get involved in our camp and camping activities to experience Coorg at its best. Enjoy serene atmosphere and scenic landscape right from the camp. 

Get involved in hiking / trekking, nature trails, jungle trails, waterfalls trails etc to experience Coorg at its best. Conquer scenic landscape as you hike through the valley. Breathtaking views and much more...  

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