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Rules and Restrictions

Jollyboys campsite in Coorg is in the process of affiliation with Ecotourism under the Department of Tourism, Karnataka. We urge you to follow rules and restrictions of the camp.


Serve the Earth

Let us not litter the mother earth with garbage. Let's dispose the garbage in right manner.

Domestic Waste Bin

Garbage Collection

Dust bins are provided in all required locations in the camp. Help us just by using the dust bins to dispose garbage especially plastics, bottles and other non bio-degradable items.

Antler in Nature


Do not involve in harming animals or animal teasing. 

smoke coming from cigar

Fire & Smoke

Smoking is injurious to health, nature and wildlife. Avoid smoking.

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Camp Restrictions

- The location is on the hill and no shops are available in camp at present. Please carry the required items.

- The drinking water is from natural spring water from the hills. Aquaguard UV filter is fitted. If required ask for an electric kettle for heating drinking water.

- Basic bedding will be available. Towels and toiletries will not be provided in camp. Please carry your own towels and toiletries. Though we provide bed sheets we suggest you carry your own bedsheets due to the covid situation.

- Hot water geezers (instant inline) are fitted in bathrooms.

- KPTCL electricity supply available. There may be supply breakdown or power cuts sometimes. No power backup is available.

- CCTV surveillance is covered.

- We request only one person to communicate your requirements to our staff who are local villagers. They may have minor language issues and maybe a little slow in response. This being an ecotourism entity, employment of local villagers is essential.


- Rains and drizzles are common in Coorg. Though the tents are waterproof, there may be minor water ingress due to the cross beating of the rain. But drizzle, fog,  mist, and rain make the location more beautiful.

- Please remember that individual safety is your responsibility during all activities at the campsite. 


- The water density in Waterfalls reduces as we progress towards winter and summer. The waterfalls is private and smaller in size. The area will be slippery and we request you to exercise caution while entering the waterfalls. A jungle walk of about 350 meters from the camp brings you to the waterfalls. Please remember your safety is your responsibility and carry your own safety gears. It will be your choice to accompany the elderly and children to the waterfalls and it will be your responsibility to ensure their safety.


- The trekking involves a moderate level of terrain. Some locations are steep. Follow utmost care and caution during trekking. Wear appropriate trekking gears and carry required safety gears of your own. We do not provide any of these. Also, carry your own drinking water / salts / glucose / anti-dehydrants.  


- Guides are local guides who are well versed with the terrain and they will only guide you through the trekking route. They shall not be responsible for individual safety. They shall not be burdened to carry any items belonging to the participants during any activity at the campsite, especially during the trekking or waterfalls trails. They shall not be treated as labors at any point in time.


- The safety of your children and the elderly is your responsibility. Staff or Guides shall not be burdened to carry your children or personnel belongings.

- Consumption of alcohol is an offense in campsite. Drunkenness and misbehaviour with other participants or staff will be considered as serious o


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Camp Rules

- kindly follow all preventive actions against COVID 19 as per government guidelines. Covid rules keep changing and please be updated with the latest regulations and local policies.

- carry a valid ID card.

- Fill individually, the Covid Self Declaration and Indemnity Bond in the link provided to you during booking. Filling of an Indemnity Bond is compulsory for every individual. Parents or Guardian shall fill & sign the Indemnity Bond for minors.    

- Check-in will be after 2:00 PM. Check-out will be before 1:00 PM. No check-in after 8:00 PM.

- If you opt for Campfire, please tell our staff well in advance. Campfire duration will be 1 - 2 hours. Starts after 6:30 pm. The maximum start time is 8:30. Campfire also depends on the weather.

- If you play a music system, please keep the music level low.

- If you need any extra food items etc, please tell us well in advance before 24 hours of arrival. This being campsite we keep limited items and just what is required.


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