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Camp Facilities

Coorg Camping Jollyboys is facilitated with all basic needed facilities such as tent accommodation, bedding, washrooms, electricity, safe drinking water, hot water, kitchen, transportation services etc. 


Accommodation will be in tents. Two types of tents are available.

  • Large Jungle Safari Tents or Swiss Tents:- These are large tents which can accommodate 6 to 10 adults. These are with attached washroom, electricity and bunk bedding.

  • Small Dome Tents:- These are portable tents which can accommodate 2 to 4 adults. These are with common washroom, electricity and basic bedding.     

Sleeping / Bedding

Large tents are provided with bunk bedding with normal mattress, bed sheet, pillow and rug. The sleeping arrangement in small tents consists of first layer of aluminium coated waterproof ground sheet, neoprene foam sleeping mat, bed sheet, pillow and rug.   

Washrooms / Toilets

Large tents are facilitated with attached washrooms. Small tents are facilitated with common washrooms. Washrooms are fitted with Western commodes, inline geezers for hot water, showers, wash basins, mirrors etc. 


The campsite is facilitated with a kitchen. The cooks prepare basic food for all the campers. Apart from the basic food package offered, the campers can also order for special food items well in advance. Both veg and non veg food items are available in the camp.  

Trekking / Hiking

The Jollyboys campsite in Coorg is located on mountain range called Nishani Hills which extends to Mandalpatti, Pushpagiri etc. Jollyboys campsite is an ideal place for all types of hikers as the trekking starts from the camp itself. A short trek of 2 -3 hours will give adequate exposure to corporates and amateur trekkers. Hikers can also choose a medium trek of 3 - 5 hours which will give a better trekking experience. Professional trekking of longer duration requires more preparation.

Campfire / Bonfire

Campfire or bonfire is one of the main camping activities in Jollyboys campsite in Coorg. Each large tent has its own independent campfire location co-located with the tent. Small tents also have centralized campfire location for group of tents.

4X Jeep Transportation

The campsite is located on mountain valley at about 70% of it's height. Normal vehicles such as cars and taxis cannot climb uphill with passengers. Thus we have provided a safe parking space at the reporting location which is closer to the highway. From this point our 4X jeeps will transport you to the campsite with a thrilling uphill drive. The jeep uphill and downhill pickup / drop is generally included in the package until and unless specifically mentioned  

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